Top 5 Records by Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bean Bryant was born on August 23, 1978. He is an American basketball player, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA. Straight from High School, he entered NBA and played with thr Lakers for his entire lifetime. During his play he made Lakers win the NBA champions for 5 times.

  • Bryant is a 16-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, and 12-time member of the All-Defensive team.
  • He is a 17-time NBA All Star, a 5-time NBA champion, a total of 1882 steals
  • His career shooting performance is about 55.3% on the success rate.
  • Kobe scored 81 points against Toronto Raptors in 2006. This is the second highest score in NBA and highest score in over the last four decades.
  • Kobe shares a record for most three-pointers in a game, which is 12.
  • Kobe Bryant scored 60 freaking points in his final NBA game: It was an otherworldly performance, especially since he started 0-for-5 from the field. Bryant scored 15 points in the closing minutes to bring the Lakers back from down 10 to up five to lead them to a win.

All sources are as of August 2016 from Wikipedia & Quora.