There has been some remarkable movies of which Leonardo di Caprio and Martin Scorsese has been a part of. Poolgab brings to you some of the crazy facts about the famous movie ‘”The Wolf of Wall Street”. 1. Back in 2007, Warner Brothers bagged the rights for this film in a bidding war against Paramount

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Many of you must have seen a bearded hunk guy accompanied by half naked ladies, a gorgeous little cat with guns in his hand and dreamt about how must it feel to live his life for a day or so. Well here we are. Poolgab brings to you 10 facts from the famous life of
The places in our water bodies(oceans) below the range of 20,000 feet to its utmost bottom is called Hadal Deep. The deepest known sea point on Earth is the most famous ‘Mariana Trench‘ where only 3 people have ever been to! One of them was the Hollywood director James Cameron in 2012. 1. There have
Eugene Andrew “Gene” Cernan was an American astronaut who had the privilege to be the last man to walk on the moon. In his astronomical career of over 15 years, he has been in space for total of 3 times. He was the eleventh person to walk on the moon. Eugene has also been the
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