Stainslav Petrov The man who stopped World War III

Stainslav Petrov: The man who stopped World War III

There are a very few people around the world who might have done something unbelievable enough on a minor ‘gut feeling’ and still saved millions of life. Poolgab brings you the story of Stainslav Petrov, the main who possibly stopped the World War III.

On September 26, 1981 a lieutenant colonel from the Soviet Air Defense Forces- Stainslav Petrov was on duty at Serpukhov-15, a secret bunker outside Moscow. His job there was to monitor ‘Okio’ the Soviet Union’s mechanism for early warning attacks.


It was around midnight that the alarm started buzzing with a warning of a missile launched from the west coast of USA. In seconds of the alarm, he inquired that there was a 50% actual possibility that an actual missile could be fired.

During that time, Russians had shot down a South Korean aircraft which entered Russian ground. In response, NATO had responded with a show of military exercises. Cold war was in its full prime.

Petrov however had a funny gut feeling inside his head that is was a false alarm and he decided not to strike a revert attack. The false alarm was showing 5 missiles directed towards Russia but if it would have been actual attack the number of missiles would have been much big. He reported back to his superiors saying it was a false alarm “hoping him to be right”. And he thankfully was right.

There were no missiles fired from NATO and the world just skipped of what could be a possible cause of a third world war.

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