Moley- World’s first fully Automatic and Cooking Robot

In the advancement of technology going so rapidly, finally the time has come when you can actually have delicious recipes prepared without a giffy. Poolgab bring to you all you need to know about the “Fully Automatic Cooking Robot- Molly” .

Moley Robotics has created the world’s first fully-automated and intelligent cooking robot. It learns recipes, cooks them and clears up after itself! It can mimic the actions of a master chef precisely, bringing a variety of delicious dishes, cooked to world-class standards to the domestic kitchen and other food preparation areas. The system comprises a full suite of appliances, cabinetry, safety features, computing and robotics.

Moley aims to scale the robot chef for mass production and begin selling them as early as 2017. The robotic chef, complete with a purpose-built kitchen, including an oven, hob, dishwasher and sink, will cost £10,000 (around $15,000).

Moley is turning the dream of unlimited access to chefs and their recipes worldwide into reality, with the option of the robot creating their dishes for you; producing meals from around the world or even cooking your own recipes and sharing them with others all in your own home.

The next two years Moley is focused on technology development, harnessing and coordinating the global resources. A philosophy of concentrating investor money on research, design and build activity means the organization will have unconventional, stripped down, technology bias to it just a team run by Mark Oleynik supported by a talented network of high powered, well placed advisors and a skeleton crew to keep the basics in place.

On 3rd October 2016 Moley Robotics launched a Seedrs initiative to secure £1 million for its new chef robots, which can cook in a user’s kitchen at the touch of a button which has already reached 73% completion till date.