Harrison Okene, the man who survived underwater for 60 hours

Harrison Okene, a Nigerian sailor survived for almost three days(60 hours to be exact) underwater by crouching in an air bubble after his boat had gone massive damage in the coast of Nigeria.


Harrison is a 29 old year ship cook who was in the ship’s toilet when suddenly he realized that its sinking down. Before he could grab a hold of anything, he was all covered in water and wasn’t able to reach the emergency exit.

Catch the rescue operation video here:

“I was dazed, and everywhere was dark as I was thrown from one end of the small cubicle to another,” he said to the media. Eventually he reached the engineer’s office and got a small pocket of air. By that time he was at the depth of 100ft(30 mts). In addition to his small pocket of air, Okene also discovered a bottle of Coca-Cola and a life vest with two small flashlights attached. But as Okene listened to the sounds of sharks or other fish devouring the bodies of his crewmates, he began to lose hope, he is reported as saying.

After almost three days of desperately hoping, praying and reminiscing about family and friends, Okene was finally brought to the surface in a decompression chamber by the salvage divers. He had no idea, however, how much time had passed and that his 11 other crew members were all dead.