Hadal Zone: 6 Facts about the deepest place on Earth

The places in our water bodies(oceans) below the range of 20,000 feet to its utmost bottom is called Hadal Deep. The deepest known sea point on Earth is the most famous ‘Mariana Trench‘ where only 3 people have ever been to! One of them was the Hollywood director James Cameron in 2012.

1. There have been more people on the moon than to the Hadal Deep.
To actually understand the depth of Hadel Deep, we can compare it to the Mount Everest and still have a few meters to spare. In 2014, the latest unmanned mission took place through a submarine ‘Nereus’

2. TNT(Trinitrotoluene) which is a used in a technique by which the depth of the Hadal Zone is calculated.

3. The first person to actually photograph the Hadal Zone was ‘Jacques Cousteau‘ in the year 1956 which was taken at approx 24,500 feet down.

4. Officially, a live snailfish was photographed at the depth of 26,722 feet which is confirmed to be the deepest sighting of a living thing. But number of videos/images have surfaced on the web which shows there could be a lot more specimens much below that.

5. During the time of 1970’s, the Puerto Rico Trench was a large base of dumping site for pharmaceutical wastes. In a span of just 5 years, 387,000 tonnes of waste was disposed. Also the RTG used in the failed Apollo Mission used up 3.8 kg Plutonium-238 which was dumped over Tonga Trench leaving the hadal zone radioactive for years.

6. A lot of buzz was created when iconic Hollywood Director James Cameron made a solo dive to Mariana Trench. The maximum depth recorded was 35,787 feet. James Cameron piloted the 5 million USD deep diving submersible on 26th March 2012. The entire journey was captured and presented as a documentary ‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’