Frank Abagnale: The real story of a fake forger | CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Inspiration

Frank Willian Abangnale Jr, is currently a American Security Consultant who had been a cheque forger and an imposter from the age of 15 to 21. He is believed to have more the 8 identities during that course of time being a Pilot, a physician adn FBI agent and a lawyer. He also had escaped the police custody twice.

Currently a consultant and a lecturer at FBI, he also runs Abagnale & Associates which is a fiancial fraud and a consultancy company.

A 2002 film, “Catch me if you can” directed by Stephen Spielberg starring Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walkens revolves around the lives of Frank Abagnale and his course of notorious 6 years. Poolgab brings to you few facts about the film and him:


The real Frank didn’t think Leonardo DiCaprio was suave enough to play him. That was until he watched the film.

The FBI officer chasing Frank, who was the inspiration behind Carl Hanratty, was Joe Shea. Frank Abagnale Jr. used the pseudonym of Sean O’Reilly in his book, as Joe was still in the F.B.I at the time.

In the movie, Frank Abagnale Jr. is placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list; however, the real Frank never made the list, as it is only reserved for violent criminals.


When Frank recruits flight attendants, he announces each woman by the actresses’ real names.

The chalkboard that Carl Hanratty can be seen writing on toward the end of the movie contains the note “Steven and Tom’s 4th project”, which can be seen at the bottom of the board. That’s because this was Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg’s fourth project together. They had both previously worked on Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Band of Brothers (2001).

52 DAYS:
The whole movie was shot in just 52 days. That’s less than two months. Jennifer Garner also shot her scenes in just one day.


Steven Spielberg had a specific idea in mind when it came to the kiss between Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams. He told her to pretend she was starving to death and was now finally eating a cheeseburger.