Eugene Cernan,the last man to walk on moon passes away.

Eugene Andrew “Gene” Cernan was an American astronaut who had the privilege to be the last man to walk on the moon. In his astronomical career of over 15 years, he has been in space for total of 3 times. He was the eleventh person to walk on the moon. Eugene has also been the part of many other space missions like Apollo 7, Apollo 14 and Gemini 12.

He was one of the only 3 people known to have walked on the moon. As Wikipedia quotes

“Cernan turned down the opportunity to walk on the Moon as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 16, preferring to risk missing a flight altogether for the opportunity to command his own mission.[7] After the cancellation of Apollo 18, NASA decided to send a scientist—Schmitt—to the Moon. This decision meant the original Lunar Module (LM) pilot, Joe Engle, never had the opportunity to walk on the Moon. Cernan fought to keep his crew together; however, public pressure from the scientific community cemented Schmitt’s position on the crew. Even though Cernan wanted to keep his crew together, he had positive thoughts about Schmitt’s abilities. For example, he believed Schmitt was an outstanding LM pilot and that Engle was merely an adequate one.”

In 1976, Cernan retired both from the NASA and from Navy where he was give the rank of a ‘Captain’ and went down in rivate business.

In 1999, published his book “The Last Man on the Moon” in which he covered his overall career which involved around NASA and Navi.

In 2016, Cernan also appeared in the documentary “The Last Man on the Moon” which was filmed on his book of the same name.

He passed away at the age of 82 on January 16, 2017 in a Houston hospital post his long health issues. After his death, there are only 6 other austronauts left who are alive and have walked on the moon.

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