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Many of you must have seen a bearded hunk guy accompanied by half naked ladies, a gorgeous little cat with guns in his hand and dreamt about how must it feel to live his life for a day or so. Well here we are. Poolgab brings to you 10 facts from the famous life of
We all know Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) is probably the most acclaimed character from the 90’s TV Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S who gained the most name and fame in Hollywood. At some point or other we all wanted to be friends with them. John Favreau aka Pete Becker who played Monica Geller’s millionaire boyfriend  in Season 3
Dark knight trilogy , Pirates of the carribean series ,The Lion King etc. Well you must have experienced how amazing these movies were .One of the key element in a movie is its background score . I feel that it is the background score that keeps roaming in mind when you try to remember a
Frank Willian Abangnale Jr, is currently a American Security Consultant who had been a cheque forger and an imposter from the age of 15 to 21. He is believed to have more the 8 identities during that course of time being a Pilot, a physician adn FBI agent and a lawyer. He also had escaped