Amazing facts about the Golden Gate Bridge

  • On May 27, 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge was completed . More than 200,000 people walked the entire bridge, (1.7 miles!) to celebrate its grand opening.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge was built so strong that even winds coming from the Pacific Ocean couldn’t make this bridge collapse!
    Golden Gate Bridge
  • The cost for the Golden Gate Bridge was $27 million.
  • There is a toll tax of 6$ to pass the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Official ground breaking for the Golden Gate Bridge began on January 5th, 1933.
  • Joseph Baerman Strauss designed and built the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The production of the bridge was the first of its kind to ever use nets as safely for falling workers. These nets are now standard on any bridge project today.
  • The paint used for the bridge was chosen to match the colors of the hills in Marin County.
    golden gate bridge1 poolgab
  • The bridge is one of the most widely recognized bridges in the world and a true symbol of San Francisco.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge was named one of the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World,” in 1994.
  • The bridge came in 2nd place in the list of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th century,
  • The bridge is the most photographed bridge in the world.
  • The eastern walkway is for pedestrians and bicycles during the weekdays and during the daylight hours only, and the western walkway is open to bicyclists on weekdays afternoons, weekdays and holidays.
  • 5,000 men worked directly on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The construction for the Golden Gate Bridge ended on April 19th, 1937.