52: World’s Loneliest Whale

Poolgab brings to you story of a whale which sings alone, lives alone and is till a mystery why it behaves so!
It has been nicknamed “the loneliest whale in the world”. It sings a special song like no other whale. Some say it wanders alone across the Pacific Ocean, crying out for companionship that never comes.

The mystery rather continues.

No-one knows if the whale is male or female, what specific breed it is, or even if it still lives. The last in the original series of recordings was made in 2004. The whales were making noises at a special 52Hz frequency unlike any other whales usually does.

The signals were intercepted first of all in 1989 when Bill Watkins, a marine mammal researcher in Massachusetts first realised the significance of these recordings. For Watkins, tracking the 52Hz whale became a passion.

Catch the trailer for the documentary here:

52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale/ Trailer from Lonely Whale on Vimeo.

Since its discover, the US Navy’s sophisticated billion-dollar hydrophone system, designed to track Soviet nuclear submarines during the Cold War, have recorded 52’s migratory patterns every single year as he moves from central California to the Aleutian Islands in the north Pacific. 52 has always travelled solo, and according to a report in the Deep Sea Journal, its migration is “unrelated to the presence or movement of other whale species.”

Also here is an audio sample of the whale’s sound: