Who else could have thought about this other than the one of the most visionary entrepreneur of 21st century Elon Musk. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says, he has plans to replace the current bunch of rockets with a next-gen spacecraft which can be used to travel to the Moon or Mars and even around Earth-

We all know Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) is probably the most acclaimed character from the 90’s TV Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S who gained the most name and fame in Hollywood. At some point or other we all wanted to be friends with them. John Favreau aka Pete Becker who played Monica Geller’s millionaire boyfriend  in Season 3

The places in our water bodies(oceans) below the range of 20,000 feet to its utmost bottom is called Hadal Deep. The deepest known sea point on Earth is the most famous ‘Mariana Trench‘ where only 3 people have ever been to! One of them was the Hollywood director James Cameron in 2012. 1. There have

Not just one of those normal things which should be get limelight for a day or two and then get back to normal. This is something each and everyone of us should be responsible for as an individual or as an organization. Coming through are some points from a documentary “Before the Flood” which urges

Harrison Okene, a Nigerian sailor survived for almost three days(60 hours to be exact) underwater by crouching in an air bubble after his boat had gone massive damage in the coast of Nigeria. Harrison is a 29 old year ship cook who was in the ship’s toilet when suddenly he realized that its sinking down.

As we all know Apple just confirmed its New Macbook Pro release date which is on 27th October 2016 . Let’s have a quick look at the new features that  new Macbook Pro will have : 1. Sonder Design keyboard SonderDesing model uses e-ink technology which allows  great user experience by dynamically changing lables of keys

Poolgab brings to you story of a whale which sings alone, lives alone and is till a mystery why it behaves so! It has been nicknamed “the loneliest whale in the world”. It sings a special song like no other whale. Some say it wanders alone across the Pacific Ocean, crying out for companionship that

In the advancement of technology going so rapidly, finally the time has come when you can actually have delicious recipes prepared without a giffy. Poolgab bring to you all you need to know about the “Fully Automatic Cooking Robot- Molly” . Moley Robotics has created the world’s first fully-automated and intelligent cooking robot. It learns recipes,

Stainslav Petrov The man who stopped World War III

There are a very few people around the world who might have done something unbelievable enough on a minor ‘gut feeling’ and still saved millions of life. Poolgab brings you the story of Stainslav Petrov, the main who possibly stopped the World War III. On September 26, 1981 a lieutenant colonel from the Soviet Air


In the world of the latest technologies and expensive gadgets Apple just launched there latest series of Iphones for a starting budget of 750$ and people went crazy. But you would be amazed when you read the list of the top 10 most costliest phones ever made. Poolgab brings you the list of 10 Most

 Cumberbatch was not going to be Dr. Strange for Marvel . When the filemakers first approcahed him ,he initially denied due to date issues but then the release date was shifted from July 2016 to November 2016 and then thankfully Cumberbatch was in the film finally .  Cumberbatch actually went Buddhist monastery . Well he

Space Travel may seemed impossible till SpaceX Founder and CEO announced his mission to transport 1 million people to Mars.  Poolgab brings to you the highlight of the press conference which showcased Elon Musk’s Interplanetary Transport System vision. At a conference in Mexico today (Sept. 27), the SpaceX founder and CEO unveiled the company’s Interplanetary

Ever since we were kinds we all came to know about the first successful cloned animal was a sheep named ‘Dolly’. Poolgab brings to you some important facts and trivia about Dolly- the cloned sheep. #1- NAMED AFTER The sheep, made from breast cells, was famously named after Dolly Parton, the American singer known for

Frank Willian Abangnale Jr, is currently a American Security Consultant who had been a cheque forger and an imposter from the age of 15 to 21. He is believed to have more the 8 identities during that course of time being a Pilot, a physician adn FBI agent and a lawyer. He also had escaped

Raman Raghav (1929 – 1995), also known as Psycho Raman was a psychopathic serial killer who operated in the city of Mumbai, India in the mid-1960s. His real name, as mentioned in some sources, was Sindhi Dalwai. Very little is known about Raghav’s early life or circumstances that led him to commit the crimes. These

You all better know him as ‘Sherlock’ aka the ‘Doctor Strange’ who has recently joined the MCU and will hit the theaters soon near you. Poolgab brings to you the 7 things you did not know about him. 1. He is the son of Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham (who both were theater actors) and

Probably half of the people who browse videos or catch up the latest flicks on YouTube  don’t know that they can earn easy and plenty of money by uploading videos on YouTube. The thing is once your video has acquired a ‘trending’ amount of hits. YouTube asks you to show a little ad in the beginning

Whether your team is big or small ,you will always need some sort of  communication platform where you can share files,communicate assign tasks for your daily work at office . Here are some of these platforms : 1. Slack . I personally use this to communicate and share files and code . It is a

David Belle is a French actor, film choreographer and an amazing stunt coordinator. Probably you might remember him from the image of the guy who used to jump from buildings to buildiings in District 13 and Brick Mansions. He is deemed the founder or leading pioneer of the physical stunt discipline- PARKOUR, He is said

Elon Reeve  Musk (born June 28, 1971) is philanthropist, businessman, inventor, engineer, investor .Yep he is a real life Tony Stark . He is  South African-born Canadian-American business tycoon who focuses and encourages better future . He is the co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors; founder,  CEO and CTO of SpaceX; co-founder and chairman ofSolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAI;

On May 27, 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge was completed . More than 200,000 people walked the entire bridge, (1.7 miles!) to celebrate its grand opening. The Golden Gate Bridge was built so strong that even winds coming from the Pacific Ocean couldn’t make this bridge collapse! The cost for the Golden Gate Bridge was